10 Plants for Color

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5.5 x 7.5″ • 28 pages • spiral bound book   Purchase book
Printed on recycled card stock

10 Plants for Color






















This simple guide is a great choice for the gardener who has never tried dyeing and the dyer who has never gardened and all those in between. Full of information for natural dyeing and gardening, this book describes ten plants with cultural and historic info, how to start them from seed, harvesting and drying tips, and much more. There are dye recipes for each plant and helpful hints gained from years of collective gardening and dyeing experience.

Plants covered: Artichokes, Purple Basil, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Dahlia, Dyer’s Chamomile, Marigold, Mexican Tarragon, Navajo Tea/Cota and sunflower.

The gardening info is based on San Francisco Bay, Northern California, USA (USDA Zone 9). We have a Mediterranean climate with a mild winter. For other climates, base your planting times on when you would plant annual flowers in your area. If you garden in a cooler climate, the plants that are perennial here may grow as annuals for you.

My co-author Deepa Natarajan is an experienced natural dyer, gardener and Coordinator of Public programming at the University of California Botanical Garden, in Berkeley.