Artist bio

I am surrounded by the green beauty of Oakland — the farmers’ markets where I spend part of my weekends, the hills where I take my walks, the plants that surround me in my neighborhood, the garden I care for. All this informs my ever-increasing celebration of beauty in the everyday.

My partner Peggy Kass and I own a plant nursery here in Oakland called Kassenhoff Growers. We produce mostly edible plant starts and I see more and more how food — the growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing of it — is so fundamental to my sense of art and community.

As the world changes so fast around me I find myself even more attracted to basics, such as the food we eat, the plants that provide it, and the beauty they add to my life. In an effort to extract myself from the negativity in the news, I practice being grateful for what I have.

My mother was a painter and musician. My father was a science educator who instilled in me great curiosity and the practice of observation. I grew up in Vancouver, B.C. in a large household full of art, music, and plants.

I love to combine my paintings with other graphic design elements. I have explored my Dutch heritage and tried my hand at still life. The adventure continues . . .

Helen Krayenhoff