12 Simple Seasonal Vegetable Recipe Ideas

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6 x 5″ • spiral bound • 14 pages    Purchase recipe book

Printed on 100% recycled cardstock
















This colorful cookbook contains some of my favorite vegetable recipes illustrated in watercolor. Each month features a simple, tasty way 
to prepare a seasonal vegetable. All recipes are vegetarian.

January: Roasted Cauliflower
February: Caramelized Onions
March: Kale Salad
April: Sugar Snap Peas & Mushrooms
May: Radish Sauté
June: Frenched Romano Beans
July: Roasted Tomatoes
August: Cucumber Yogurt Salad
September: Carrot Salad
October: Roasted Pepper Bruschetta
November: Braised Brussels Sprouts
December: Roasted Winter Squash